And so it begins…

I want to welcome you to Another Food Blog! (Ugh, jeez… not another one! You are just going to add to the multitude of food blogs that are ALREADY out there on the internet. Yeah, Carlie, good luck with that!). Please ignore the voice between the parenthesis, they are jerks. Anyways, here I will post my attempts at cooking and experimenting with recipes, what I eat when I go out, trying new things, and even posting what I buy at the grocery store and for how much (yeah, now we can all see how much you are willing to spend on something stupid, like overpriced chocolate or dragon fruit. If you can’t tell from context, I’m rolling my eyes at you). So rude.

I little bit of background since you don’t know me. (Duh, Carlie! You really need to get yourself together). If the voice between the parenthesis didn’t already clue you in, my name is Carlie. I am married to my husband, Dan, and we have a dog named Nico and a cat named Fearless (though she really doesn’t live up to her name, haha!). We live in the beautiful and abundant Pacific Northwest and really enjoy all that the area has to offer. We both work full time and sometimes find it hard to take the time to make dinner.

I have no formal training, 100% self taught. I started cooking when I was a kid and have be slowly learning since then. What my main goal with this blog is to force myself to start cooking at home because sometimes it’s hard to feel motivated to cook after an 8 hr shift that ends at 7pm Monday through Friday. Also eating out all the time is expensive! (no joke, but it’s soooo easy which makes me SUPER lazy). I’m not complaining by ANY means. I actually somewhat like my job. (Wow… real convincing Carlie. Jeez, way to downplay your job). Okay, okay, my day job is stressful and one day I would like to do something that I love, though I am still trying to figure out what that is.

I want to invite you on this journey with me as I continue to master the art of cooking and try some new things. Enjoy!

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