This obviously isn’t me. But I can but just as mysterious! 😉

Hello! My name is Carlie and welcome to my blog! (And I don’t have a name, I’m just the sarcastic voice that lives between the parenthesis)

I want to welcome you to my blog, I am super excited to have you here! I am a self taught cook (that means just isn’t professional and doesn’t know what she’s doing half the time), um, yes, well that is one way to look at it parenthesis. But together we will be exploring the awesome world of food and learning together how to make dishes. I will not only post my “masterpieces” (who are you, Vermeer?), but I will be posting my mistakes (which will probably happen more often then not) so that we can learn together. I will also post when me and the mister go out to eat to and I will post what I’m grocery shopping for. I hope that you learn laugh along with me as I probably make a fool out of myself for all the readers to see. (For once we agree on something!) Enjoy!

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